Crimson tints the soil 

as desperate cries pierce sky

frightened shrieks replace

sound of laughter as sarin

shrouds a final resting place. 

111 thoughts on “oxblood

  1. True in the history of Nazi Germany and, perhaps, a foreshadowing of a future yet to come. Radicalism leads to violence and the perpetuation of ideologies that will ultimately destroy humankind if allowed too. Now that’s scary…

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      1. I shall send Sir Galahad out to protect you. Venice? I hear the still waters of Venice pong a bit in summer and it is a well known fact that you may have to watch out for the Italian gentlemen. They have a reputation.

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      2. I know the Italian gentleman, he talks a lot , and I am not scared of their reputation , it precedes them😳, I shall take rooms over the grande canal, and eat poetry all day long lol. If you care to visit, you could sing with the gondolier , Zoolonaudio would resound over the waters of the many islands round Venice. Oh! I started daydreaming again. Sorry.

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      3. As a gondolier I have to stand up in the gondola while you lay supine sipping a cocktail taking in the sights. Stood up, I am bound to fall in the drink. Still the fact you can swim reassures me.

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      4. Lol. My imagination is running amuck. I can visualize you now , falling into my drink lol ha ha and the gondola capsizing , and then I rescue my gondolier, we will take the water bus , I will lock you up in the hotel room where you will sit and play your mandolin , whatever and some Italian damsels will rescue you , then I will come back and apologize and viola, we will eat lasagne together , maybe you will have pasta, you do like pasta, next day , no gondola , only our feet will take us round the quaint streets of Venice. You fall sick because you fell in the water, the doc sends you packing to the cliffs of Devon. Geez. Did I write all that ?

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      5. I do hope the ailment I contract from the polluted water is not the end of me. I’m still working on my new album, I’m not allowed to die just yet. Say I’m so ill I cannot face eating my beloved pasta. It doesn’t bare thinking about. All I wanted to do was serenade you with my mandolin.

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      6. Oh no, I won’t let you die, it’s nothing , a little water that you swallowed that gave you a bad tummy. Your beloved pasta is siting in the micro, don’t say hasta la vista yet, oh ! The mandolin will have to wait.
        On a serious note, good luck with your new album. Looking forward to that.

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      1. Yes, it is. Looking it straight in the eye the way you have in this poem helps us face our worst fears, and grieve with our sisters an brothers. It also does more than photos on the news to convey the terror. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’

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      1. OK this might be long and might still not make sense.
        Anyways Grand Theft Auto(GTA) is a popular video game. Where you do crazy things like heist,Steal cars blah blah blah illegal stuff basically but its an Awesome game πŸ˜†

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      1. I don’t suppose they showed the soldiers in a province Bangladesh bludgeoning, kicking, a lone man,probably to death, I couldn’t watch it all, some 6 of them, what’s that all about. As for Syria, I struggle with the fact that Putin condoned it. As for Russia it looks like there might be another civil war there, it seems there is no end to it.

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      2. I know where you coming from, I have said it many times, I don’t know if I’ve got some kind of morbid curiosity, or what, but I do turn it off if it gets to much.

        Am I missing words and letters or is my PC playing tricks on me? Anyway I have pasted the comment again, I’ll say it again, only this time it refers to both your replies, “I know where your coming from”, or perhaps put another way, I understand where your coming from.

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      1. Yes, I agree about the writing, and I am so glad it helps you too!
        So far our weekend has been gorgeous, especially weather wise. Today was our last more summer day before the true autumn so we have been at a nearby lake. I am grateful.
        You have a wonderful weekend too!

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      2. can you see the slideshow? I wished I had taken more of the dark clouds, i just got this snap before it lightened. This is not prize winning photography btw lol…but that wasn’t the point

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      1. Ragweed, Mountain Cedar, for sure. Probably Maple, Elm, and a host of other trees that are currently pollinating. Plant sex makes me sick. Maybe you could write a poem about that!

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  2. Yas, if it’s Syria you’re talking about, let’s know there real facts before we jump to conclusions. Are there solid, independently verified facts that Assad did that, or is it just the Americans saying? (a la Saddam’s WMD). I love the “greatest nation on earth”, I truly do, but I also think they’re liars & manipulators to suit their own purpose. Whatever the truth, a horrible, tragic calamity on the people.

    And a nice write from the heart, as well!

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      1. Yes, BUT! It’s scary to think that the “leader of the free world” can stop you & send you back, no questions asked. Stupid, as well, coz the guys who really want to do damage are already in or have other means 😦

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