A word of comfort to all people in love

when fate decides to bring you love
cherish it, nuture it, make it grow
a gift bestowed on you from above
open your heart and let it show..

when life is hard, dont get bogged down
keep the faith and always pray
doesn’t hurt to smile, it hurts to frown
trust love to always find the way..

love is a bond that no one can break
you are bound by vows that love has made
when the going gets tough, put not happiness at stake
the beauty of togetherness, time can never fade..

67 thoughts on “A word of comfort to all people in love

      1. Thank you so much! You’re very kind. I’m glad to have such warm people here. Have a good day, ma’am! πŸ’™

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      1. Haha oh boy… where do I start!! First off, how does one know it is actually love? Second, how does one leave to pursue this love when it is literally thousands of miles away? One could indeed just get up and walk away and walk towards the new love but reason stops one from doing so. The heart is not always smart. It might be passionate, but not logical. The mind will put an end to such things…..

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      2. Omg. Love is love. I don’t know what else to say. I really wish the heart and mind had one purpose , but this dilemma, lol. I think miles don’t matter in love , as you say , it is literally , so as to speak. Just love and be happy , my friend.

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      1. You sound like a happy guy. You make people around you feel optimistic about life. Well, have yourself a great day. And thank you again. You just made my day.

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