life is a dance

Life is a waltz, am dancing in its arms
My head is whirling, a merry go around
Adrenaline rush, blood in my veins warms
Dizzying heights, feet firmly on ground.

Gallivanting, as in a wild goose chase
treading destiny’s pathway’s in a trance
Not losing face, blessings grace
A journey travelled with no defiance.

At times, foot tapping melodious steps
Heartbeat a-skipping, off my feet swept
Mournfully out of sync,good sense helps
At manipulating me, fate has become adept.


23 thoughts on “life is a dance

  1. Lyrical and upbeat even though the undercurrent is of being helpless at the hands of fate. Fate does have a wau of changing, just when you dont want it to, i guess.

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