a lost muse

reeling with
unspoken words
I stumble into
the quietness of solitude…
not long enough


25 thoughts on “a lost muse

  1. I love this. Maybe I’m getting more used to your style, but your poems just seem to spark a resonance more with every one I read Yassy. I see a slim volume, hardback, bound with antique decorated exterior, with poems like this one occupying a small central decorated panel on a single page. Tony 🙂

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      1. Wow in return, Thanks. I am also honoured. But I only speak what I feel. I’m still here for 2 weeks then fly south with the birds… but I will still be following just a very few blogs using Ulingana, so we’ll stay in touch. The internet is a bit random in Zambia as there has been drought and a lot of electric is hydro. But hopefully we will have rains (pray!!) so the crops will grow this year and also water the internet 🙂 kindest thoughts.

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  2. Solitude is a great thing, maybe we don’t get as long as we hope because too much will eventually make us become antisocial and out of touch ? Having said that the short poem I posted today encourages as much solitude as possible! Life is very paradoxical indeed! 😊Great poem, I can’t wait to read more🤗

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