inexplicable torment

The great feast is finished, the banquet hall deserted.
The shadows lengthening towards night.
The broad canopy of heaven holds a silver footed moon.
And stars in their course,the oil lamps are slowly expiring.
Insidious death tenaciously approaching
With darkness and deep silence.the oil lamps
Are flickering laboring for breath,for a drop of oil
Trying to fight, to glow on against impregnable death.
Is there no one to keep it aglow?am I to be forsaken
In the dark, Oh!eternal chain of slumber
Who will cometh upon me with a golden shield
Oh flickering uncertain light! here I am on the verge of darkness.

17 thoughts on “inexplicable torment

  1. This morning, as I shower, I sing this song…. ‘we were born to die’ !!, now I look to see who’s sent me poetry and here is this one. So I go to morning meditation, seeking that which changes not in the midst of that which does… chidananda rupaha, shivoham, shivoham…
    Thanks Yassy

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