Time’s Spell

  • transparent, transculent,I flow like
    Water in deep sea,
    I flow with time, abiding, breathing
  • in the vastness of infinity
  • i flow, with the flow of time and tide
  • psychedelic, living in the monotony
  • of mindless decadence, repressed, yet,
  • in the involuntary movement of humdrum
  • chores, a chaos of innate dreams, myriad
  • cascades…
  • i flow with time, letting the sublimal¬†
  • lull my intuitive heart
  • into believing..
  • destiny sculpts the fore, intrinsic.
  • time edges me into balancing
  • my psyche, an incomprehensive
  • manifestation, degenerating into¬†
  • spasms of cacophonic inevitability..
  • the pendulum slides with a mundane clack
  • a pulsating ticking, like adrenaline..
  • rushing, racing, pumping, a nemesis
  • carrying a spell..


Thoughts shut in darkness
clautrophic mind in
the darkness of no escape
strangulation of rational process
of thinking, emoting…
pent up anxieties, frustrations
knotting up stomach
the mind erupting like a volcano
reactions of shackled destiny
defeaning silence of screams
that leave throat, only
a gasp, a hoarse whisper
repurcussions of releasing
breath slowly leaving body
for timeless eternity that shapes
hands that break and take
the depth of a person’s fate,
dissolving into uncertain beliefs
of what maybe, can be
impermanent life
to be
permanently toyed with.

An early Spring Dawn

A little before dawn, the sky is still dark.I slip outside into the chill of a
waning winter wind.The nip has gone.There is a stirring in the trees, their naked branches shuddering in the chill.I look upmat the sky hoping to see the sun.

a rosy red sun
appears from behind grey clouds__
fragrance of blossoms

The day is coming alive..from the backyard, my ears catch a lilt.It is magical.The birds are back from their southern jaunts.Some never left home
and are warbling away merrily.phoebe, phoebe whistles the Chickadee,
peter, peter yells the tufted Titmouse in musical overtones,Nuthatches
sound their tiny horns.

the birds
return from their winter homes__
a woodpecker hammers

I see the clouds clearing and the warmth of the sun streams down.
All of a sudden my toe strikes dirt, the snow has been melting and
viola! What do I see? A pale yellow bloom of winter aconite nudging
through the whiteness.Little green leaves peep from under melting ice
mixed with mud…

blushing buds unfurl___
as Glory of the Snow blooms
the Snowdrop sparkles

a smile
lifts the corners of my mouth__
I sigh…

shine on me crazy stars

At night, my companions are the stars
They bring solace and comfort as they shine.
From my moonlit bed, I see their fire bright.

In a satiny welkin, sequined bright
Glittering like sapphires,countless stars
Illuminating earth, blazing to shine.

Holding captive with their effulgent shine
Easing loneliness, to make my mood bright
Lost in a dream world, in my eyes shine stars.

an autumn strain

I set off on one of my dreams
under sunlight’s pale golden beams
meandering tawny meadows
looking for harvest gold rainbows
reflections in gurgling brooks, streams.

Trees preparing to bare their soul mm
cascading leaves, russet, brown, fold
to lay down a carpet of gold
a nip in the air warmness stole
nature hibernates as I stroll.