Little Poems

Blue velvet night

Blue velvet night
A sapphire moon
On a lustrous viridescent sea
Sail away with me.

Under a bowl of sky

Under a bowl of sky
That has turned upside down
A cerise wind cries
Spilling white stars
Defying gravity
In ether’s immortality.

Tasting autumn

I ate a persimmon
It tasted of autumn
Tangerine’s last bloom
Auburn russet luminescence.

Silk orb-weavers

In the cobweb
I found a spider
Hanging by a thread
Barely clothed
In liquid silk

Sky run

Whisper of sapphire
Zephyr sequinned
In eagles’ cry
I see
Hues of dawn sky
A blue wind blows through
My heart
Skips a beat .

I Poet

I feel 
The touch of your smile
Like Cello Suite No.1 in G major

Rhymes hang heavy
In translucent tears
Eyelashes tickled
By star visions
Orion and Artemis
In sky’s eternity

From trauma
I make poetry
Dreams are like
Scattered leaves
On an autumn wind

There’s hesitation
In my thoughts
Like a broken melody

I listen like birds listen to the sky
My fingers wrap their
Aquamarine wisdom
Blossoms quiz the sun
Wild flowers burn the horizon
Meteors burst in the hills

My page waits
For the rawness of my words.

Striking A Balance

I balanced a penny on my thoughts 
And saw the danger money wrought
Even though money made itself useful
Deep within, the heart became sorrowful

In life’s mad shuttle, doubts conditioned
Built in the mind, pessimism positioned

My soul sought an oath from earth’s sanctuary
I needed laughter to help me keep my mental liberty

Living on the edge of a knife gave me the edge
I cultivated an optimism and made it my pledge .

My Swan-song

Gold sun rising 
Echo of warmth
On the wings of birds
Drawing the deepest breaths
Fragrant harmony plush
In the pulse of blooms

I see the sunflowers turn to the ultramarine
Creaming the air
A coagulation of hues
As flowers burn hot on the horizon
Whisper of petals reveal the rapture of forgotten fantasies
Rolling into the heartbeat of time

Rain forged clouds stir the ether
Smelling like sanctity
The mystics of sensitive wisdom

I fall in love with the universe again

Its like seeing the inside of a raindrop

My swan song is a whimsy wanderlust

Blue ~ my ink
I daydream into my page.