If I Had Some Money

If I had some money 
I’d buy me a donkey
I would laugh my ass off
Watching him do my laundry.

If I had some money
I would buy myself a plane
I would fly it into the eye of a storm
I would fly it right into a hurricane.

If I had some money
I would buy myself a Porsche cayenne
Driving this babe would be so much fun
I would fly the wind like a bullet from a gun.

But the fact of the matter is
I ain’t got no single dime
The ‘ifs’ give me a reason to dream
They also give me a reason to smile.

61 thoughts on “If I Had Some Money

  1. I didn’t know donkeys could do laundry. Donkeys are my favourite animals actually. Anyway, you can ride a donkey to me, I’ll give you some money so you can rent a Porsche and drive it to the airport and fly to never-never land 😇

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    1. Your favourite animal can do a lot of things, Poetpas hahah ..
      lol you have a mighty good imagination.. do I need a ticket to ride the donkey assuming the donkey is yours ..
      okay, I ride the donkey to you ., grab the cash, rent a Porsche and fly to never -never land wherever that is ???
      I know of a La La land 😂

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      1. No you need a donkey to ride a donkey you cheeky monkey 🙈
        Steel one from the zoo. Never-never land is utopia, an imaginary place, maybe the place of your dreams… 😊🙌🏻

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      2. I need a donkey to ride a donkey ., now ., what kind of a donkey is that haha 😂

        I could steal one from the zoo. Where do you keep your animals , Poetpas?
        Never-never land is a land that never was jeez that’s why it’s never never land .. utopian fantasy eh .. my dreams have no place 🙊they keep wandering ., travelling 🧭

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  2. Cool!

    If I had money
    I would buy me a wand
    Whenever I’d wave it
    It would prevent me from being conned

    There are so may con artists out on social media.
    I’d loan my wand out to all my vulnerable family and friends!!

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  3. I have photographed many donkeys, not once have I seen them show any interest laundry piles. However, they do like to leave piles wherever they go. Watch your step! 😂 You don’t need a dime to chime or money to be funny! You’ve given us reason to smile. 😄👏🏻

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      1. Just can’t wait. You are so much fun , Lee. I am smiling and laughing as I read your comment 😂
        Let’s kill it together 🔥🤗❤️ .. please take care , Twinkle toes .. 🤗

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  4. They say that impossible things will happen “when pigs fly.” But I think that Don Quixote and Mullah Nasrudin both had donkeys. So nowadays there have been many windmills built with some proposed offshore rigs killing whales with their sonar surveys. With so many whales washing ashore, whale meat will be available for sale. That means that some nervous unhappy people can make a lot of money selling whale meat, and they will have enough money to buy two first class tickets on a plane for themselves and for their pet comfort pig. That will mean that the prophesy will be fulfilled and pigs will fly, the all the jokesters will return from the dead with gold and silver for every poet who asks.

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