As I lay bleeding from inside, they walk all over me 
Their footprints locked in my blood’s captivity .

My hands are empty, I have lost all my words
The pages in my book whisper, their screams go unheard.

I can no longer see or feel my dreams
still, my dreams reach out to me , give me self esteem.

Dreams taken from me, lost along the way
I still feel them, I know they won’t betray.

I cling to my quill and feel it’s comfort
when I scribe, my thoughts are comfortably versed.

I will not let the ink dry on my soul
my subconscious hope will always console.


29 thoughts on “Bleeding

  1. Beautiful wordings,my dear soul!! Your verse are your honest friends every time.”…..I will not let dry the ink on my soul..”most still minded are really most emotional ‘n unique poet.All words seem as they are coming out from the heart and touching all hearts.Weldon,dear Yassy!!🌹❤🤗❤🌹

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  2. read that first line and felt a bit dizzy 😅 it hit home as I have my own experience of that, it may not be the same experience but a similar feeling, I’m sure I wrote about it somewhere on my blog 😅 but it was nice yours had positivity in the end 💖✨

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