Stargazing – A Pleiades

Sweeping me off my feet
Starry eyed, I gaze at the
Sojourn of lustrous stars
Surfing the empyrean
Saturating air with stardust
Streaking the celestial
Scintillating the nova

Spectacle galactic
Spinning inky aether
Spellbinding gravity
Stringing the Big Dipper
Shimmering Milky Way
Stunning, dazzling me as
Shooting stars wish me well.

# Pleiades

35 thoughts on “Stargazing – A Pleiades

    1. Thank you for your wonderful reply … I just love looking up at the night sky .. it’s awesome and breath taking in all its splendour. Never fails to amaze me.


    1. Thank you , Monroe !! The Pleiades also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45 is an asterism and an open star cluster. Our galaxy never fails to fascinate me.


  1. Most lovely Feelings are in your rhythmatic poem,dear Yassy!! I feel- you are telling my feelings…Oh,how much I am a craziest one.Much love and big hugs,my dear❣️🌠❣️❀️❣️❀️❣️❀️❣️🌠❣️


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