Life Is

Many things in life don’t make sense 
if you question life, it takes offense
‘call it fate’ life says in its defence
most times it’s at your sanity’s expense
living life has become a pretence
life throws a curveball nonetheless
you still pick up the pieces and commence
because ‘hope’ is something that life invents
give it time, says life, no more laments
life is something that time represents
like an hourglass in destiny’s events
slipping through one’s fingers, nonetheless
I can’t figure out life, I must confess
maybe I have missed the point of life’s intent.

40 thoughts on “Life Is

  1. The meaning of life is to live it, as a fish swims and a bird flies – what is life? You open your eyes, you are born again every morning, you close your eyes, you fall asleep.
    Meanwhile…is this life?
    Imagine Yassy, meanwhile you can take some fire from Olympus and bring it to earth and write a word, create something, whatever…maybe make someone smile 🙂
    No tragic speech, only in the middle of full Epidaurus…..twenty years ago I stood there, some tourists on the edges at the height…but you will realize the beauty, I tried to recite something?
    No…I was reciting in the middle of Epidaurus and a moment like that will change your life when a shiver of duende goes up your spine…when you suddenly understand that there are people like you living somewhere else, us, you know Hestia how lucky we are?

    shush, shush, we’ll meet at the gates of Olympus! 🙂
    Nice day!

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    1. Asclepius .. the God of healing … you remind me of him .. with your philosophy.. and yes we are lucky .. we are blessed .. we have a life .. we are healthy ., we write poetry ..

      What came to your mind when you stood there at Epidaurus ? Please share with us.
      Some poetic thought that inspired you !

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      1. Thanks Hestia. …..the humility before ages… and incredible acoustics of that place is the first thing I remember, and when the tourists left for a while, I stood down there, alone in the middle, saying from memory first poem that started everything, from night with the girl –

        My eyes are closing
        you step into my dream
        no grumbling, no asking
        can’t wait
        what hesitation
        you will cover me with sweets
        like the pale blue velvet of night covers the dying.

        And the words rang out in the Greek sky, almost took off..and then we went to Olympus, one of its hills and you snap your fingers and it’s today, isn’t it funny?

        That’s why WE are lucky, and you know yourself, when you write the right words… it’s… it’s similar to when you hug someone close to you…taste every moment…you dont know whats happen next:):):)

        Thanks You Yassy for remember on Epidauros:)..Hestia:):):)

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      1. Well Good Lord, beautiful Yassy!!! That’s an cocktail of wonderfully delightful Holiday Cheer!!! Thank You!!! 💖💖💖 You be well and take good care of Yourself, too!!! Ginormous hugs!!! 🤗🍪❤️🙏🏼😊!

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