I knew a man named Gary 
I wrote about him in my poetry
But then, he turned out to be a bunny in a man’s guise
nonetheless I wisened and got more wise
I hope not to cross paths with a man and find out he’s a tom cat
because my go to feline feel is Garfield
he will always be my pet nonpareil
my carroty favourite is bugs bunny
he makes me smile cos he’s so funny

I went to Disney to find Tom and Jerry
found them where a can of cheese sat
both of them not an eyelid did bat
it was hide n seek n peek a boo
each other they did pursue
so much mischief they did brew
I caught them in a cheesy combat
Jerry fled the scene at the drop of a hat
Tom had to let go of the cheese he had snatched.

35 thoughts on “Tomfoolery

  1. Yassy, thank You for morning with all this cats and mouse and Gary 🙂 !
    Great ! When we had live in communist Czechoslovakia, Tom and Jerry was West Propaganda , but we child love them on Austria TV, pirat antennae…, Tom and Jerry destroy the Communism ! 🙂
    Thank You for great morning, coffee with Your poem…PRICELESS!!!!:):):)

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    1. lol 😂 Gary rhymed along with poetry he’s a fictionary word sorry I wish fictionary was a word like dictionary but cartoons were real fun to watch back in the day .. I am glad it lightened your days .. communism is sort of buffoonism don’t you think. Sorry I made that word up too.

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      1. So please dont apologize Hestia ,Yes ? And all this language barrier…still i had lived in year 1980 and all this around us is sci-fi:) we live in the age of miracles and people dont know, interesting..but i miss old world more 🙂 And Poems…You now, sometimes is gift, mostly curse, but ….YES,YES,YES, You know it, for sure !:)

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      1. Thanks again for reading and for your wonderfully insightful comments.
        Yes, write out of the blue , write out of the box , say something new.
        Wow !! You said it man!!! Awesome 👏


      2. Haha I really hope so. Well, I am game .. I like to make things interesting!!
        It’s cool really cool if you do that too. Cheers.


  2. WOW.Lovely poem by including all comic characters.I like all those and love those.purhaps those are most funny gays but symbolized the true facts of human life.Weldon,dear yassy!!❣️🤗❣️

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  3. The problem with Garfield is that he likes lasagna. Let me explain, see he needs bread and butter with that meal, while the Tom cat at least knows he’s simply digging out of trash cans…

    Lol, sorry, hanging out with younger folks who like to argue…

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