Love Means…

love means never having to give up poetry 
it’s yours and yours for eternity .

love means writing poetry by yourself quietly
without pressure, without the anxiety.

love means dancing to a poesy I cannot hear
singing at the top of my voice without restraint or fear.

love means having poetry around forever
tucking away words for another poetic endeavour.

love means blowing words into the sky
catch them as they fly back to you with a sigh.

love means the breathing of words into a page
when blue of ink is all set to engage .

love means closing my eyes and feeling the words
a heart eloquent, so many emotions stirred.

love means glow and warmth of my soul’s evoking
where I can be just me being me scribing.

57 thoughts on “Love Means…

  1. Yasmine ! Hestia! Yassy!

    An excellent poem, exceptional and unique.
    This is a poem for those who live with words, breathe them with their hearts.

    This should be read by the president of every country to his people through all available media.


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      1. Silly 🙃 is good. It’s very becoming 😀 so silly away
        Fiends have no are are like r but friends have an r, that’s the only difference .. that’s a silly excuse for being a fiend anyhoo

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      2. Lol. It’s very becoming or becoming very silly. A fiend is a devil but perhaps there aRe friendly fiends too. Beans are a devilish delight. AnyhoWWWWWWW!!!

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      3. Tell me something I don’t know hahaha 🤪 silly me now I know that is anyhow not anyhoo let’s argue anyways ,,do you have a problem with anyways , Professor P

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  2. Yeah.true…”love means blowing words into the sky, catch them they fly back to you with a sigh….”amazing imagination about love,dear yassy!!Bless you with love.❤️🤗❤️

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