I succumb to pain 
It swirls my nerves
A wild calling of the senses
Burning force wrapped in gossamer
It’s screaming strength
Torches my skin
Nourishing my mind to evade

I cannot overcome

It catches me in my gut
Wrenches my breath
I try to deal with it
It transcends my mortal

I am a survivor till death tears me into vulnerability.

65 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Oh God. “It catches me in my gut…”. That’s what this did. Stopped me all the way. And….ack!!! I don’t know if You’re talking emotional pain or actual physical pain….I’m sitting here wordless but loving the laughing faces between You and Poetpas. Life being life? Ack!!! And YES… it in style…You ARE!!! I’m sending tons of Love and hoping that if You are physically ill and hurting that things ease up!!! Rock on, Beautiful…..flourish the hell out of it!!! ❤️❤️❤️!!!

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