Sunny ~ Side Up

Dappled grey 
Night sky’s fading hues
Jasper flares
Warblers spin
Blooms quaver the morning trail
Life drifts… warm and still

My dawn song
Begins at first blush
When dew melts
On gauze wings
Golden warmth of dayspring fills
To liven my frame.

# shadorma

54 thoughts on “Sunny ~ Side Up

  1. Most lovely poem with sweet wording ‘n amazing metaphor.specially”My dawn song,When dew melts on gauze wings,
    Golden warmth of dayspring fills ,To livin my frame””.amazing wordings.👌❤👌Gorgeous,dear yassy!!bless you, my dear!! with love🤗❤❤❤🤗

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      1. Thank you for your kind words – I think that made me a target for bullying. It was leadership bullying me. Glad to be out and rid of that toxic energy. You too, be well and look forward to more blogging and enjoying your poetry

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