Winter Wrap

snuggling under
a snow blanket;
I dream of
Monet’s flowers

35 thoughts on “Winter Wrap

      1. Your wings are beautiful, Daninmaya.. I see you and I feel like flying too.
        The sky is never the limit. Say hi to the birds up there. Maybe an eagle 🦅


      2. Thank you. I love flying. Most of my life I have been invisible. Sometimes light catches my face drifting through the shadows. Maybe I’ll call that a poem? I wonder and wander….

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      3. It’s a poetic thought .. you spill poems in your comment. That’s fascinating. Invisible , yes, I hardly exist too .. because I write I feel I exist, that’s how it is. I wonder too .. let our dreams wander into the sky and beyond.

        Here’s to you.. cheers


  1. Delightful setting and image. Monet’s colors are vivid against the white! Sound is muted, and the temperature is perfectly chilled. Of course, you could also be under an avalanche, breathing your last, and floating off to Arles… 🙂 All the best in 2022. —CC

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