The Asshole Syndrome

Certified assholes don’t let down their guard

racists, bigots, politicians die hard

Atleast not in wars they perpetrate

Putty in their hands civilians fate

perverts, rapists to name a few

Climate change deniers are nothing new

Greta will tell you all about them

That’s why protestors like to raise hell

May their dying conscience ring an awareness bell

The twisted degenerate

The tight fisted renegade

The high mighty arrogant

The Belligerent

Deliberate ignorant

The holier than thou judgmental

The self absorbed temperamental


Psychic tormentor

Gossip mongers

Character assassinators

The arbitrator

Big headed Narcissist

Ego toting Egotist

Not to forget the plagiarist

Emotional Manipulator

Attention seeker



Two legged sloths

Prickly human moths .

Earth ‘s Asshole culture

A festering ulcer .

118 thoughts on “The Asshole Syndrome

  1. Oh,dear yassy !! You poem is most important at the current world affair.very well written-“Sociopaths
    Two legged sloths
    Prickly human moths.
    Earth’s Asshole culture
    A festering ucler.”
    I am thinking to write likewise your poem but unable to write.I waiting for some poet who could write on this point,you have done and won in my sight.dear yassy!! You are absolutely right and loyal for humanity.🤗🤗🤗gorgeous.thought provoking and motivating all wordings in your poem.Bio-War has begun.stay safe and take your best care.bless you by my heart with deep love.xxxx❤

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      1. Aww,dear yaasy,I will try but it is not sure,my dear!! You have very well written.I was searching the words but you won this race😊✌😊.I feel much proud on you.bless you , my dear!! with love,💕💕💕💖💝

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      2. You write ✍️ just write .. it’s you .. so don’t worry too much about the right words. Doesn’t matter. It’s important to just be what you need to be and write what you want to write. That’s the power of poetry .. I hope I don’t sound corny eh 🙈

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  2. Yassy..sooo… i just imagined Your lyrics sung by some very angry singer at a festival full of people ….rock music… and

    ,, sociopaths!
    two legged sloths!”

    and solo
    and –

    ,,prickly human moths!”

    Ideal atmosphere for such a text, great!
    Maybe a musician sees it!
    Here is lyrics to the strong song !

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    1. Yeah, we could have a WordPress concert .. I write, right?
      Do you play any instrument, Lubomir?
      Well, rock on , then. Thanks for an amazing comment. Got my spirits up without the spirits heheh 🤭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, You write,amazing and beautiful, Yes , i trying learn on electric guitar, im doing sounds for my Poet Video:) im just beginner, Yes , we destroy world with our happy song 🙂
        WordPress concert sound good ! 🙂 Two questions-where i buy tickets and -nooo-its covid no concerts in my country, , covid mutated to any form, PC virus will be next ! o my god, im insane 🙂 Yassy help 🙂 eh , im cured myself with smile:)

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  3. Wow! 😮😮 That’s amazing Yassy! ❤️❤️👍👍👏👏 You hit the nail on the head! The world is full of them!!they The first 2 lines set the tone for the rest of the piece! They don’t let down their guard becaue they’re afraid of being found out as ignorant dinosaurs they are! 😁😁👏👏

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      1. Thank you, Lorraine. Thank you for lending your voice to mine. It’s a joint effort. I could write this because of a few people like you who are vocal in their support of just causes.

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      2. Thankyou yassy. I was cheering you on as I read each line! And sadly the world is full of those people a d we need to be careful, and aware of them. Thankyou for writing such a brilliant analysis.

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      1. Yes! Maybe I have a multiple personality disorder. Or perhaps I’m extremely versatile 😆

        Which 3? The high mighty arrogant, the psychic tormentor and last, but not least, the 2 legged sloth 😂

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      2. Hahaha 🤣 you’re funny. But the only thing I know is that you are mighty funny 😁

        If versatile is a disorder then you are a versatile d 😜

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