The Moon Makes Silver

I open my window letting in the moonlight 
I see an owl on a moonbeam flight

The moon makes silver on my pillow
Runes scatter on the weeping willow

My window dusted with dreams open
Night blooms hold my words, unspoken

Calligraphy of the cosmos in the skies
Changes the color in my eyes

Only the November wind between me and the sky
And all the nature I can descry.

73 thoughts on “The Moon Makes Silver

    1. Your comment is like stardust sprinkled on my page. Your thoughts sparkle and soak into my brain. The purity of your heart lives on in the comment you portray here. Thank you, you truly are an amazing person.

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    1. I always make it a point to reply to everybody who leaves a comment. But I did not get any from you. I do check my spam for comments too.
      So there was no comment from you sorry .. maybe it went into your spam yikes 😬

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    1. Yes, I do put in a lot of effort to perfect my writing. I am honoured and delighted that you understand that. Nobody has told me that before .. made my weekend brighter , Maria. Thank you so much.

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  1. Where is your next post,my dear yassy!! I was most busy in some important,I was not on blog.tonight i have seen my blog and are you?my dear angel !! Hope you are fine.bless you.if you like,plz reply me.xxxxxx

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