Chartreuse Dreams

I set off on one of my autumn dreams 
Under sunlightโ€™s pale golden beams
Meandering tawny meadows
Looking for gilded harvest rainbows
I muse into gurgling brooks, streams

Trees prepare to bare their soul
Cascading russet, copper leaves fold
To lay down a carpet of gold
Nip in the air warmness stole
Braes hibernate as I stroll

I breathe a palette of earthy hues
Air crackles in the ruddiness that brews.

Happiness reigns supreme
In the footfalls of my chartreuse dream.

34 thoughts on “Chartreuse Dreams

  1. Most amazing wordings”trees prepare to bare their soul…….to lay down a carpet golden nip in the air warmness stole a braes to hibernate as I stroll…”.
    Gorgeous. Having the feelings like a glass of yellow green type tranquil.a touch of some pain hidden in deep meaning in every words.dear yassy!! Is my comment right?plz reply.

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