Sole Talk

His sneakers would squeal on him if they could talk
Groaning under his weight as he took a walk
They felt all worn out
Carrying a man so stout
He went places where he shouldn’t have been
Them shoes, literally let out a scream
So they gave him shoe bites, sore toes
Adding to his list of woes
They stuck evidence on his sole
He fought barefoot to salvage his soul.

51 thoughts on “Sole Talk

      1. You toe the line
        Your toes seem fine
        It’s such a crime
        When peeps don’t know where to draw the line

        Battle lines drawn
        I stopped smiling
        Now I only frown

        Thank you , Tom … for hearing me out .

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  1. Wow,my dear yassy!! It is so much unique type poem.sole talks to that guy about it’s disturbance.Last line is most amazing” He fought barefoot salvage his soul”.this line reminds me the famous painter of India”Maqbool Fida Husain.” Who was exiled by Indian Gov.because of his nude painting of Goddess many Hippocratic Hindu’s organization protested his Painting.damn that hinduism. But your poem is awesome to it.❤

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