humanity bleeds 
as world leaders go forth for
a cause unworthy

65 thoughts on “War

  1. Your poetry appears to be dedicated to humanity . Farewell to arms will lead to no war and no warrior at all . And extra blood , if any , will be used to save lives of bloodless people . And , of course , humanity will be saved of bleeding . And role for world leader would be limited . And their role , of course , of no use . Thanks !

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  2. Reblogged this on Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry and commented:
    While walking in rice paddies in Vietnam my fellow Marines and I would pose this: what if instead of us, our Senate and Congress and the North Vietnamese leadership were here with the water buffalo turds and the leaches? Had we come bearing hammers and saws, instead of rifles and grenades, however I feel not much would have been changed. Both sides in any conflict such as war depend on the young to do what their elders seem to reap as benefits to their continued grasping at power. Yassy: thank you for your continued stance – though we don’t always march in lock step, thankfully, we both know an unworthy cause when we smell one. Be blessed dear Yasmin, Lady Yassy.

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      1. Apropos of not-this: but through your good offices, Lady Yassy, I found Ana Daksina and her delightful verse: a walk with grand dad (probably mangled title). Thanks, dear Lady: you delight in so many ways. J

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