My Fix

I dwell deeper into my thoughts 
My quill finding it’s way across the page
Even when the sky loses its stars
And I get caught up in pain
I can make the ache in my mind go away
Because to me writin is dope
And the only thing I need to be is
A poet

61 thoughts on “My Fix

  1. I love this. It is perfect and all that is good in the poets world. I don’t verbally express my feelings very well. But I write and those closest to me don’t understand.

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    1. Thank you , KCannon. A poet’s world is always beautiful.
      I can verbally express my feelings too well , I had to because then everyone does not read poetry. Nor do they like poetry.
      If you write , it’s good for you. And even tho those closest to you don’t understand, it don’t matter huh 🤔

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