I hear sirens in the 2 a.m sky, red lights revolve into reflections. I blink ....my eyes vermillion in the shadows of sleep. I walk the streets under flickering neon lights.  Fog settles on hunched figures ...slumber bent. A quick wind rustles dust, leaves in umber.

Hoodwinked owls cry
Stalking trees
Where bats fly

Smog stalks the streets...weed ridden breaths wheeze in a sleep concocted by social discrepancies. Dreams fancy themselves behind eyelids too dreary. ..sleep's stillness brought by little things that slide down throats.

Moon shines dowbn:
Stores with drawn blinds
Blank stares 
Empty faces

I am bemused by the muteness of sleeping figures. Rats crawl out of nowhere and slip into hidden crevices...scurrying across yellow lit pavements. .cold bitter...impersonal 

Social imbalance 
A requisite for life?
Poverty unsolicited 
Sorrow irrevocable 

32 thoughts on “Unsolicited

  1. Most lovely” my eyes are vermilion in the shadows of sleep..”most beautiful poem by using amazing metaphors like gem.gorgeous, dear yassy !! I love it.💕💕💕💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wrote this exactly the way I saw it .. still gives me the jitters .. in some part of the world in one of my travels I seemed to have lost my way and stumbled upon an alley ..


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