Atlas Hugged

atlas hugged-
in one hug
the whole world

52 thoughts on “Atlas Hugged

      1. Belatedly, I bask in your thanks. Been a tawdry week, M’Lady. I Tawd I Twa A Toad driving a mad carriage around the block…”tis twu, ’tis true! ‘tween garden demands, general malaise of my instruments for feeding me and the daily delay dealing with time-changes which used to be seasonal and ndow whim their way toward universal Daylight Savings Time, as some of our U.S. Senators say they want: fools! God has saved our time(s) and we no longer send our children to toil in our fields – whom toils then? you ask: can’t ask Immigration Customs Enforcement – it’s been changed to “EnFARCEment. But enough of my bitterment: I sing of you!. And my own foibles follow gaily along tripping me at each turn. As happened this morning after a rather peaceful slumber.

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  1. Yassy,
    good morning, I cant find personal contact for You, so i write there, sorry, I have question for You,could you please contact me by e-mail? I will answer you immediately, don’t worry, thank You.
    My e-mail address is I have one suggestion for you, I feel like in the movie Seven Brave, in the original version with Yul Brynner, looking for heroes to help protect the village from bandits and so far there are two of us πŸ™‚ and maybe, with You, we will be three . Have a nice day! Viva Poetry

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