Whimsy Wanderlust

Through the clouds 
I wander
My dream and I

I wear my pain
In the rainy cloud
To let the dew-wreathed heal my mind

Am I the lonely dreamer now ?

In the moody shades of cobalt blue
I dream my bruised dream.

66 thoughts on “Whimsy Wanderlust

      1. You’re so welcome Yassy! πŸ‘ Always enjoy and appreciate your beautiful writing! 😁 I’ve a few new pieces over on my blog whenever you’ve the time to read them?! I’d really appreciate your feedback! 😁

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    1. I love the way your perceptions unfold. That in itself is a journey into the mystic , unknown where we may be knowingly or unknowingly surprised by a world that has been created by us in our dreams. .

      Happy dreaming , Daninmaya.. thank you for a lovely comment.

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