Dawn’s Stillness

Moving through darkness 
A copper, periwinkle fire
On a threadbare wind
Sky meets sea
The whispering sounds of mists that lacquer dawn’s hush
The fish world dreams
Boats languor on oyster tears

80 thoughts on “Dawn’s Stillness

    1. Mother of Pearl
      Nacre whirl
      Mist illumined
      Tears shined

      Lobster 🦞
      A mermaid
      Got her tale


      1. Blink blink
        Mermen 🧜‍♂️ wink
        Mermaidens blush
        In ocean rush
        Aquamarine crush
        Starfish starry eyed tide
        On sparkling waters ride
        On dolphin 🐬 astride

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  1. It would certainly be difficult to express even more beauty in so few words.

    But surely Yassy will achieve it very soon, since she is an expert in such dreaming challenges.

    -[ Amazing, sister !! ]-

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