Little Poems

Blue velvet night

Blue velvet night
A sapphire moon
On a lustrous viridescent sea
Sail away with me.

Under a bowl of sky

Under a bowl of sky
That has turned upside down
A cerise wind cries
Spilling white stars
Defying gravity
In ether’s immortality.

Tasting autumn

I ate a persimmon
It tasted of autumn
Tangerine’s last bloom
Auburn russet luminescence.

Silk orb-weavers

In the cobweb
I found a spider
Hanging by a thread
Barely clothed
In liquid silk

Sky run

Whisper of sapphire
Zephyr sequinned
In eagles’ cry
I see
Hues of dawn sky
A blue wind blows through
My heart
Skips a beat .

115 thoughts on “Little Poems

      1. Well I have a podcast which is on my site. (I posted it here today!) I would read your poem, and try to dissect it, see if I’m close, and then I would ask you to interview for the next podcast where you would talk about your poem, the work, and possibly read it on my show if possible. Would you be interested?
        Get back to me when you can! ☺️

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