My Little Star

Like a guiding light from the sky 
My brightest star in the deepest night
Even through the day I descry
You shine on me with a gentle light
Miles and miles away, I see you glow
Filled with stardust with warmth you flow
You ignite my sky with a fire that I ride
Morning to night, my days and nights tied
I feel you as you blaze into my night
Like a bloom on fire, you are my scented sight.

130 thoughts on “My Little Star

  1. As always, very elegant. Way to cling hard to the stardust analogy and ride it out like a flaring comet tail. Picturesque and striking, but I expect nothing less from your poetic fancy.

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      1. You’ll have to forgive me, the past few weeks have been very busy, and it was all I could do to simply post my daily poetry. Rest assured, I remain a regular appreciator of your talent!

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      2. Goodness me, it’s not a tit-for-tat! I comment because I’m compelled to provide more than merely a like button, not out of desire for others to do the same. Use your keystrokes to make beautiful art, not stroke my delicate ego.

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  2. Must have been written for someone really special to you. Such a beautiful write up that withholds so much passion and ignited feelings.
    Would love to go through more such passion filled write ups of yours. Do go through my articles if you get some time and do not forget to give your feedbacks! πŸ˜€


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