Endless epidemic
Made me weak
No exercise
No sleep
Made me sick
Sitting at home
Weary to the bone
Am always on the phone
Feeling all alone

If vaccine is the cure
I took it
I feel sick all the more
I wonder what is in store

Will death come before?
Or will they kill us
With another lockdown
Bulldozing the economy into breaking down
Sword of Damocles hanging on heads like a thorny crown.

Pharma mongers plunder
Throwing vulnerabilities asunder
Masses knuckle under
The big powers big blunder
Politicians puny worth
The muck, the scum of earth
Weapons of masked destruction, sanitizers , the works
A sanity rush going berserk

Destroying mankind’s pulse
The ruckus of a black fungus ..

I check to see if my oximeter still works ..

131 thoughts on “Scamdemic

  1. Weapons of masked destruction

    This was definitely my favorite line, Yassy.

    I could imagine this particular poem being turned into a grim rap song – I was bopping along to it as I read through!


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      1. You are very welcome. It has been a rotten time for us all, not helped by the politicians etc. You captured it all yassy. ❀️

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  2. So much truth throughout this piece, it’s a painful reality. I resonate with this and can only hope that this will end soon, the pandemic, (but that’s being optimistic me thinks). Such excellent and vivid writing. Preach, poetess, preach!

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      1. I am fine now, John
        Alive and kicking
        We will all be fine. Actually we all are otherwise we wouldn’t be here.


    1. It’s all good now. I think they will ease the lockdown tomorrow, partial not that it bothered me , I do go out for stuff , it’s tough being grounded. Hugs πŸ€—


  3. Yassy, I love your mind for it is constantly turning and like me it rarely sleeps. Your political poetry hits hard and so true. Your words are so real, and so very pure! Politicians paid by the minute, not the hour….there’s no money in the cure. Each line after the next from the virus to the fungus to whatever else can be spread. So much truth to what you say, you stay safe and keep that lovely smile up because your positivity can feed the world.🌹

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    1. Someone has to say it even though it won’t make any difference whatsoever but I feel better after writin this and even more better after reading all your wonderful comments.
      Thank you, Jowow

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      1. We’ve all come to know what it feels to be caged, without being imprisoned. Never in my dreams did I think of living such days. Thanks to technology, we are somewhat free being connected with others. 😊

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  4. You write how we feel nowadays πŸ™ƒ
    we are again wrap under the pandemic 😐😢
    All the day I woke up with new hope but no any changes …….
    I always pray to god that as soon as pass away the scary situation so that we are able to meet our friends and relatives It’s been years since we haven’t seen them
    Only text and message
    The feeling which expresse in face to face , the text message haven’t.

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      1. No problem. I wrote a responsive poem to it. I think your Swan-Song was good, but I don’t think you should stop writing. You’re right that some people wield the pen wrong, but you’re not one of them. It’s a poet’s job to understand the balance they strike. To bth be controversial, but also a voice of reason. It’s our job to do this, and alert people to injustices, and to speak into the mysteries.

        God bless. πŸ™‚

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