Children In Mourning

Virgin shrouds
Mourning wombs
Innocence cut short
Parents' lap
Empty broken
Shoulders weary
Eyes weighed
Bullets strayed
Nameless assail
Hopes frail.

When bombs fly
And sirens cry
Children cannot defy
They wonder if they 
Will live to see
Another dawn
Play and run all day long
And they wonder 
What the fighting is all about?

109 thoughts on “Children In Mourning

  1. So painful. NOBODY deserves to live under circumstances as harsh as those, Especially children as they’re yet to sprout into what they will be. They’re the future-makers and it’s imperative that they live their lives to the fullest now, blooming into how they wish to be. Children living in war zones deserve life. This poem has said what the world really needs to hear right now. Thank you!

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  2. Reblogged this on Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry and commented:
    Lady Yassy asks an important question with a terrible answer hidden in this heart-wrenching poem: the fight always is about money – and the power money buys, some think and the cost is inconsequential so long as it hits not their own home and hearth…and for some of the most twisted even there the price is paid. But refusal to allow a child to be educated because of a genetic difficulty – the child is female! – that, too, is a crime about which a fight well may have worth.

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