Said the knife to the hand

Don’t cut off your nose 
To spite your face
You will just become
A public disgrace
Bleed deceit
Breathless feat
Two cold feet
Destructive defeat
Of a face
You can’t replace.

85 thoughts on “Said the knife to the hand

    1. Hi Yassy! I was very happy to see you had posted today! On the way to and from photographing the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan yesterday, I listened to a couple of hours on the radio about how India’s covid-19 is spiraling out of control and thought about you and worried if you were okay. :-)) It was a blessing to see you had posted today. 🙂

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      1. Hi
        I am fine. It’s very bad here. People are dying. The govt is bad. It’s a no win situation.
        I take good care of myself. I don’t want to fall sick.
        Thank you for writin in .
        I hope you are well. Take good care.

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      2. I think but am not certain that I had covid through most of January and beginning of February. My ex wife did the genetic testing and was positive. She and the girls were sick but all assumed it was flu. This led into me taking early retirement as I was out of sick and annual leave. But, now it’s better and I have had the two vaccinations (both times getting ill probably because I have almost zero immune system). I will keep you and yours in my daily prayers. This I promise. Take good care as well and please keep safe as possible. Thank you for responding and letting me know that you are well and taking good care. Aloha, Michael

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  1. People will save face, and enjoy this ride. Called a wonderful life, if they simply push their pride aside. You write such true and memorable words Yassy, your poetry is not only lovely but a lesson as well.🌹
    Hope you are staying safe and being well. Take care lovely.♥️🙏🏾

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    1. Thank you, Roy. Yes, if they simply push their pride aside. Well said my friend.
      Things are very bad here . I am doing my best to stay safe.
      You take good care too. Hugs to you both.

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      1. Yes lovely, I’ve been hearing the situation is bad, my Sparkling Heart even got sick so she too is feeling the effects. We’ve been together daily bringing positivity to each other.
        Prayers to you from us Yassy dear, sending you blessings of safety and health, and hoping things get better real soon.🌹🌹♥️. Take care.

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      2. Yes, I been sick too but I helped myself.
        Hardly any positivity here. Thank you for your prayers . Much needed. You take good care of yourself too. Give Sona my love.

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      3. Glad to hear you are recovering Yassy dear, Godspeed to a full bill of health. At times like this, misery is easy to turn to but this is when positivity and faith should be at its fullest, so let’s all keep it and stay strong.
        Take care, you are wonderful dear and I will tell my Sparkling love that you send yours. Thank you.♥️🌹

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  2. Don’t cut off your feet
    To spit in your face
    You will just become
    A public disgrace
    Bleeding feet
    On a bloody street
    Two missing feet
    Destructive case
    And saliva
    In your face 😁

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    1. Lol 😝
      If you send me a pair of crutches
      I may just think of cuttin off my feet
      But I got two left feet so???
      Spit in my face
      I can’t ,Poet boy grown up I hope 🤞

      Salivating saliva
      It’s a face off


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  4. Yassy, this poem is very prolific stuff here! I’d go as far as to say its deep, and might even rival Shel Shilverstine. You be sure to let me know when you got a book out 😉

    Also, thank you for your support of my blog at Cascadia legends over the years!
    -Sincerely, Everybody’s Favorite Uncle, Gregory Thomas

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