Kings of Bling

Garnet- Energy of January
Spiritual, passionate, fiery.

Amethyst- February's purple pride
Power of a personal ride.

Aquamarine- Bloodstone-
Touch of the sea, to turn the sun
March worn, their charm shown.

Diamonds die hard in April
All cut up, a coveting eternal.

Emerald- May's green purity
This growth crystal's divinity.

June's opalescent chastity shown.

Ruby-July's mystical and rare red
This king of gems...royal bred.

Peridot- Spinel- Sardonic
August's sparkling  cabochons.

Sapphire- September's blue innocence
A karmic, third eye  evanescence.

Tourmaline- Opal-October's play of color
A color palette to discover.

Citrine- November's warm healing
Topaz-Novemver's golden enhancement. 

Turquoise- Tanzanite- Zircon
December's unique velvety delight
The blues, the violets vividly enticed.

67 thoughts on “Kings of Bling

  1. Goodness, another thematic poetry running with opulence in their hair? You once again make me yearn for a time where I could sit down and write a thousand-thousand poems about the stones in my yard or the clouds in the sky. Beautifully made, charming, intimate. But unless my eyes deceive me, from what stone does the poet’s voice rise?

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      1. I am Garnet, friend. Smoldering darkly like pools of hot blood.
        Diamond seems right – beautifully pained. How that sings true to me!


      2. Garnet , it is. Flaming warm , hot blood rubs your quill.
        Pooling into golden vignettes

        Diamonds are a girl’s tears
        Painfully beautiful

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    1. I think poetry has disciplined me to some extent. All that chaos channelized into creative writing.
      Thank you, Dalen . Thank you for your fabulous comment.

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    1. That is super kind of you , Tom. Coming from someone whom I look up to in terms of interesting intelligence and presence of mind , I must say I am mighty honoured with your appreciation of my poem.
      Thank you.

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      1. June is my month which might explain why I am so drawn to the moon and the sea, given my assigned bling and I wear a bit of Alexandrite in my eyes, so it all seems fitting. πŸŒ• 🌊 πŸ’“
        What gem are you sparkling sis?

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      2. The blue of your eyes
        Luna has enticed
        The baby in the blue lagoon
        The blue in your eyes takes you back to the moon

        I am an uncut diamond , April raw πŸ˜‚

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      3. Forget the bling, my heart beats to words that sing. 😁 Bling is nice too, but words like yours are as precious as any gem. πŸ’–

        Too beautiful in your natural wild state to be altered by a blade. Diamonds are forever!

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      4. I think you have Lapis Lazuli eyes to go with your golden hair.

        Your words are more beautiful than the blue.

        Diamonds πŸ’Ž, you seem like one .. sparkling

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      5. Poetic exchanges sprinkled with gem dust are a most magnificent way to start the day, or end the day, as your timepiece displays. We both rock… the precious priceless rocks! πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜„

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