Dear Ole Paps

I was a simple boy living on those moors with my old man Paps. On nature our hunger satisfy, our roof the star spangled sky. What more could I ask for?  My companion,  my old man Paps.

One day, nearing dusk, before a crackling fire we sat... he sucking on his old wooden pipe, me there I sat at his feet staring into the glowing embers, contemplating. My paps patted me on my back,with his arms around me, said with one of his loving grins that crinkled up his wrinkled face...'boy , you will be great, I will always be your best mate' 
Tears in his eyes, voice cracking, he rambled on, me helplessly sad  with tears falling. There we sat, fire warming our chilled feet, dreams thick around us, with those tender arms around me. 

Paps whom I loved and cared, he in turn the same he gave.

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