Writing To Me

When you are big and grown
‘Tis better to cry alone.

So I cry when I am all alone
Till the tears are done and worn.

Then I write poetry and feel better
It’s like me writing to me , a letter.

The words I write lessen my pain
My soul’s peace I attain.

Poetry fills the void in my heart
It’s like offloading an emotional cart.

That’s the way I handle my pain
With poetry, my quintessence sustain.

218 thoughts on “Writing To Me

  1. Yes, writing can be therapeutic for sure. I hope my poetry touches other people ‘s lives but I also write for me. Yes, it is like a letter to myself. Great poem yassy. 🙂❤️💜

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  2. Poetry is for people who have this inclination for rhythm. Chiming words are best for souls which has a certain peace and serenity in them. For most of us its a crazy world where emotions are often sidelined and materialistic pleasures take precedence. That’s when poetries fail to register. But yes, being a person with a certain creative knack, I always enjoy poetry and the sentiments they seamlessly convey.

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  3. So very true Yassy, to write your feelings is like unloading an emotional cart. The feelings flow through ink from the heart onto the paper and it feels like self therapy because it does heal you.🌹

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    1. Thank you. You must be a pretty strong person to not cry. I have seen men cry too so it’s just not women. Men nowadays don’t feel awkward to cry .it’s their way of showing support to us women I suppose. It’s not only poets who share their souls. We write but I know normal folks who just break just and aren’t ashamed of showing their emotions. Maybe this lockdown has loosened people up lol

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  4. You have your potion in poetry. Poetry comes from hearts that feel. So poetry and pain compliment each other, and when your potion is poetry – a poet is born. Thanks for your lovely poem.

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    1. Your comment is beautifully poetic. I read it many times. I like the feel of your heart. Your heart is warm and beautiful, Sumi. What a lovely lovely comment. Thanks , Sumi. Hearing from you makes writing poetry all the more wonderful.. just so I can read your comment makes me want to write. Sending you hugs 🤗.. take care of yourself.

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    1. If you can’t cry , then you must write or do some other activity that helps to alleviate the stress.
      It’s a lonely world actually. You live alone die alone .
      Anyway not good to keep it bottled up .. just let go

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