My Muse Doesn’t Speak To Me Anymore

Your silence 
Spills into
My poetry

Wandering in my dreams
Without poetry

#writers block

150 thoughts on “My Muse Doesn’t Speak To Me Anymore

      1. she s canadian. she slept around but would not hook up with me but kept emailing me saying lord ur such an ass. i said i have son tom for that. you know? in other news back to real life in two minutes but hey ill be back laters!~

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  1. My muse leaves me frequently. After many tries of fruitlessly looking for it I came to realize it cannot be ever found as it always hides within me. A wandering muse looking for itself, begging to return, not knowing that all it has to do is to allow itself to speak freely again. All that is needed is time, patience and acceptance that I merely allow the muse to work through me and to write all words on my behalf. It always comes back on is own accord. And when it leaves again I know it’s only a razor’s edge away. The sheer beauty of your last poem is evidence it never left you. It’s playing hide and seek, tormenting you from within.

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    1. Yessss, you are most definitely right the wisdom of your words.. I think I draw inspiration from all of you bloggers. I am happy for the support .. I don’t think I could have gone on without you all.

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  2. Poetic inspiration that can appear randomly and sporadically doesn’t begin to compare to the poetic flame within you. You are the essence of poetry, Yasmin. ✨ A mind-clearing walk in nature can help too.🌼

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      1. It will come back Yassy..just remember back to those days your muse spoke to you all the time. Relax and thank your muse ahead of time for your next brilliant post…
        Say a prayer or meditate and your inspiration will find you again. Just be thankful for all the great poetry you already have written.🙏🏽❤ All the best to you.

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