The universe takes me on an odyssey in eternity's orbit of a lifetime's prediction.

I turn my winter into spring, winging into a rainbow dream, touch push the dark into a golden beam.

To hold this moment
In a poem...

The cosmos wraps me like a bouquet in a turquoise fever where I inhale the ink of a quill spinning across my senses.

I search the lines of the aether, touching, embracing an exotic galaxy of torched stars.

I illuminate my page feeling the sensations of starlight, a paradise binding my inquisitive soul.

I find my home in the silken ink around my fingers spelling my survival. ..

In this strategy called life. .
I think of metaphors...

73 thoughts on “Eclectic

      1. Sorry, Yasmin. I only just remembered I hadn’t replied. Forced creativity is hard, like making a song to order, but you did top dollar with this one ~ George

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  1. Yeah, Goddess, beatiful !

    For first time i read:

    …embracing an toxic galaxy
    of scorched stars…

    I is sad..scorched stars…my mistake, sorry for my poor…but it was a magic moment! Your poetry working across the border:)

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  2. So wonderful to meet you in the cosmos again, my star-traveling sister. 🌟
    This poem has such a beautiful rhythmic quality. I am going to challenge myself to memorize it.
    The second line, that begins with “I turn my winter into spring… ” inspired me to give it a go. 😀

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    1. We are a pair of sisters travelling the stars. You light up my part of the world. Thank you for that.
      You turn the dark of my night into a glowing luminous starry delight.
      Touch push the black to a moonlit flight.

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      1. Better to be sisters travelling the stars than sisters in traveling pants. 😂 (I am sure you get the book reference).

        Each morning I stand in the glow of our rising star, which we share, but in your distant sky, it has already traveled quite far. As I travel through my day, I gather the gentle star flecks that shake from your luminous pen and delight in the love and support that shines from my distant friend. 👭 Covered in stardust from my sweet star sister, the night is less dark and we awake ready to sparkle again. ✨

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      2. I loved that movie. I was just thinking of mentioning that movie to you and viola , your comment .. okay so now I think along the lines of great minds think alike.
        Your sparkle rubs off on me and I am ready to take on the world with another solar star that warms and brightens with the memory of a night that slept on the dreams of a stardust that spilled from Arizona.

        Sparkle away sweet sister. Your glow reaches my skies and my shores.

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      3. How funny! Yes, great minds think alike. 🧠🧠 🎆

        I see a glimmer in my eyes and feel sparkles in my fingertips. We must be ready to embark on another poetically-inspired cloud-slicing time-bending galactic trip! 🌠Grab your shimmery pen and meet me in the heavens. 🖋💫😁

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    1. Thank you, G. How have you been ? Missed you. I remember you, always at the back of mind so I see your comment and am so happy 🙏🏼💗🤗


      1. Be well, my warrior princess. Nothin is beyond you and nothin can take you away the ‘ you’ because you are special.

        Stay well. Stay safe. Smile. You smile and your smile illuminates WP.


    1. My imagination 💭 is all I hang on to , it helps me to get through
      When life beats me up black and blue


      Your comment blew my mind
      With your kindness, my inspiration I find.

      Thank you 😊

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  3. You are a master of creating such vivid imagery and succulent phrasing. I am always moved by your words. Your view of our world, even in its saddest moments, always seem to have been touched by the hand of possibility and warmed in the world of dreams. Well written, dear friend!

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    1. Thank you, Brad. The world is a sad place and I just needed to write this to reiterate my optimism and gratitude to the universe.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment , Brad. Have yourself a golden weekend!

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    1. Thank you very much for a very uplifting comment , John. Trying to work my mind around in a positive way ., thank you for writin in. Have a safe week. Be well.


  4. “Inhale the ink of a quill spinning across my senses”. This line among others gave me an image of poetic wizardry in action as words, ink and whirls of winds spun into the magic of an out of this world poem that can only be created by you Yassy! A fantastic voyage.

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