Dancing With Blooms – Anacreontic Verse

Two souls dance
In twilight rain
Their heartbeats' divine 
A sweet refrain
Cradling stars
While the mist bathed
Their spirits
Adorned with blooms,
A fired breeze
Robed their skin
Soft elixir
Across glade
To serenade
A flamed tango
Gliding under 
Gloaming hues
Song of the blooms
A medley swayed
Handmade brew
Honeyed harvest
Nectar splendor
To the dancing souls 
Bonne-bouche woven
Fragrant feast
A rhapsody

105 thoughts on “Dancing With Blooms – Anacreontic Verse

  1. You truly managed to work a lot of emotional imagery in such limiting lines. I love that sort of expression – squeezing out every drop of art through the framework proposed by our artistic ancestors.

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    1. I like the challenge of a form. A poetic form that makes up a creative piece ., like building blocks of syllables to incorporate the essence of the matter. It’s what I fail creative discipline..

      I am happy that you like it. Very honoured with your comment. Thank you.

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    1. Well said , my beautiful Ballerina 🩰.. your words elegant and eloquent, they dance 💃🏽 nimble and swift to convey in the air that permeates our cosmos , to warm my heart .. ❣️

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      1. You’re most welcome. I’ve posted quite a few new ones. Also I’m starting my 3rd year blogging so I’ve been posting some of my really early ones. I’ve missed yours as well. WP when it updated last for some reason erased many people I was following, but I have them back and you as well on my list. 😊💙

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  2. And… I’m lost within your magic. The imagery is beautiful. As always you have mesmerised us with your profound poetic perfection ❤️🌹

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    1. Thank you, David .. I am sorry I haven’t been around much. Been some human demons lol 😂 it’s taking a toll on my poetry but the WordPress community including you my dearest friend have been so supportive that I always bounce back .. this is my family , like they say best things in life are not seen but felt.

      Sorry for rambling

      Yours in poetry yours in whatever lol 😂

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  3. Love the opening line of two souls dancing, it was the perfect opening that kept this poem twirling, spinning, and leaping into the hearts. Your words danced hand and hand with beautiful emotions Yassy, and in the twilight setting made for a lovely dance floor.🌹

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    1. Thank you , JoWo joweats jokeats jopoetwild , Wilde Jo 😂 always happy to see your beautiful comment., am smiling , writing a berserk comment .. just for laughs.

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      1. Your berserk comment has me smiling from ear to ear from there to here! Simply amazing you are Classy Yassy, and your writing is just like you, simply lovely!🌹🌹

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