The dotted page
Hush of your dewdrop eyes
The stirring in your fingertips
Giving shape to my thoughts
Your eyes
Wrap 'round
Woven hues
To lush a page
Eyes aglow
The ardent need to read
A heart to bare
Glossed by emotions
Eyes streaked
Turquoise tasselled
Breath sparkling like the 
Ocean when the moon hits
It at night 

Your eyes
A vignette 
Blazing, sparking
The dotted page.

109 thoughts on “Brailled

  1. Yassy …. you speak the language of my tribe, is there a word that could capture the feeling I had while reading your poem? No … this was a clean and undiluted feeling … I read it with my own eyes … maybe differently than you intended … but … thanks, you’re amazing.

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  2. You have been busy writing, I see, with my hazel eyes that are now glossed by emotions evoked by your sparkling words. ✨

    Another poem to add to the Yasmin moon-poem folder. ~
    “Breath sparkling like the
    Ocean when the moon hits
    It at night”
    πŸŒ• πŸ’–

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      1. I survived the ice age, but only because the electricity didn’t go out and the furnace didn’t quit.

        Fuck this shit I’m ready for some spring so I can go to the park and shoot hoops.

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  3. You are from somewhere else my dear… Beautifully written, very lovely words stitched together in poetic perfection ❀️🌹😊

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  4. β€œThe ardent need to read”, the world is full of wonder when the mind is opened, glowing is all about discovery! β€œA heart to bare, Glossed by emotions”. To unlock new words with the fingertips is a beautiful thing, that is poetry in motion and you described it so vividly that it takes my breath away. You are simply amazing Yassy, I absolutely love this piece!❀️🌹

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