My Angst

My angst roams in 
The nothingness of 
Shadows long gone

Melancholia becomes
A souvenir 
In my quill

In the sky's silence
I hear the whisper
Of falling blossoms

Butterflies loiter
On quivering leaves
Honeydew scents

My blood rushes red
Pushing effervescent 
Into pages framed 

A keyboard becomes 
A lifelong friend

My fingers could 
Never get fatigued 
From writing 

Tears become words
I won't know if you have heard

I breathe into a 
constellation born 
In the blue of my quill.

115 thoughts on “My Angst

  1. Be still my heart with the poetic stories you tell with your enchanting quill. πŸ’–

    Even when the light shines, shadows can still creep and sneak behind or over us. I have learned to turn and shake hands with mine. My hand is brave, only because it first holds a pen – writing in, over, and through, what would otherwise overpower me.

    You capture the healing power of writing, so beautifully, my soul sharing sister. πŸ™

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    1. Thank you my beautiful wonderful friend . Your words enchant and comfort.
      I love your perceptive soul. There is nothing that your kindness cannot attain. The power of your wonderful soul spills forth in the thoughts that magnify my page. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–πŸ€—
      Thank you for giving me the comfort of telling my story my way and listening me out.

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      1. Enchanting and comforting words you have so kindly and generously shared with me. I am grateful for our poetic shares and for your beautiful words that expand my perceptive soul. πŸ’– You are welcome friend.

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      2. My exotic soul sister from across the heavenly cosmos , sleep well 😴, dream lots. I send you an angel to watch over you while you sleep.
        Always always grateful to you for being here.

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      3. Good morning! Or should I say, good afternoon! Thank you for sending a sleeping guardian angel to watch over me, or should I say a guardian angel to watch over me while I was sleeping. πŸ˜† She was not sleeping on the job, because I slept very well. Thank you kind, caring, and creative soul sister. πŸ’ž Enjoy your evening.

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      4. A very very good morning to you , Lee. And while you slept I saw to it that this very special angel that I had sent to watch over my sister while she slumbered , did her job well.
        Good to know you slept well. You look all fresh and ready for another beautiful Sunday.
        It’s half past ten in the night where I am .. I am watching Cobra Kai on Netflix ., kicking ass there , karate moves huh πŸ€”
        So long , Lee. Take good care.

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  2. β€œMy fingers could never get fatigued from writing poetry”, words of a true poet indeed Yassy. The light never burns out from something one loves. β€œTears become words”, so full of emotion in that line because emotion speaks volume and tears are emotions. The title screams emotion, this was beautiful to read.

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  3. My dear Yasmin, we definitely hear your beautiful words…. And your tears I feel. This is such a beautiful heartfelt poem, pouring emotional and spiritual depth from each piece of your heart and soul. Your tears cry powerful words and you make pain beautiful. You have touched my heart. Such a deep poem, so healing, so amazing. Your quill spills profound beauty. Thank you for sharing such intense parts of your wonderful soul. Lots of love ❀️😊🌹

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    1. Thank you, Amirah. You hear because your heart is pure, your soul is beautiful and your mind , the epitome of all that is noble and kind. I feel lucky that I am able to share my deepest thoughts with people who can empathize. That indeed is an awesome thing. Can’t thank you enough.
      Stay safe, healthy and happy. πŸ’–πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€—

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      1. My dear, thank you ever so much for your heartfelt words. I am so forever grateful. You are very much appreciated. Thanks for the love and comfort. Lots of love ❀️

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  4. We see you, we hear you, and through your beautiful words, we feel your heart. Your words, like stars in the sky, coalesce into a heavenly vision. And there we look up, struck in awe, by the beauty you have painted in the sky. Well done, my friend!

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