Depression —
I save myself with poetry.

110 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Yes! In just five words you summed up a solution to the hell that torments many of us these days. We each have our own form of ‘poetry,’ just a matter of finding it and using it as a shield against depression. Thanks, Yassy.

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  2. for me, just my experience, i just save myself. sometimes, often, it is with poetry – sometimes with dark humour, but even if i don’t capture the moment there are many times when poetry answers more questions than anything else can – i just wish in all those moments i had written it down, but in the moment it works and sometimes i manage to get it out for others to see.

    i love that others do the same. it doesn’t always translate to ones context, but it doesn’t have to, and with an open mind, i am always better for reading poetry. i am sure that most will never understand how much their sharing has been to the benefit of others …

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. means a lot to me, feeling the way I do. I feel comfortable sharing with like minded people. Poetry helps , it is what I can do when I am down and out and this wonderful blogging community is what is like coming home to. .
      Thank you for talking. I am grateful 🙏🏼🤗

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    1. I visited your blog , Nadra. You have a beautiful blog. I can’t read Urdu very well. I go alphabet by alphabet if you know what I mean. But I am sure what you write is heartfelt and wonderful.. more ink to your quill.

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    1. Thank you , Michele .. you say it beautifully.. a soul-soothing and uplifting activity. Exactly my feelings put forth .

      Thank goodness for poetry. Thank goodness for Lee 🤗🙏🏼

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  3. It saddens me to read this poem Yassy yet it gladden me to know your writing works the oracle, your poetry is a blessing in more ways than you’ll ever know an influencer for those who suffer upsets in life. I don’t be here as often these days so forgive me for only occasionally catching up.

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