A Maiden Sally

She sits pensive, this maiden fair
In solitude, she contemplates
Sojourn of capitulation
for nourishment of her soul’s fare
to where her yearning culminates
her odyssey to temptation

# Italian sestet

99 thoughts on “A Maiden Sally

      1. No worries, George . Whatever dyslexia is doing to your brain, I know one thing, your poetry is mind blowing. I thing it’s all to do with how deeply you feel about the wrongs that are going on in the world.

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      1. Poetry writing is a good plan–I’m kind of on a writing break, trying to snap out of a temporary depression. Tomorrow I’m going to push myself out the door to buy groceries 🙂

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      2. I think I should take a break too , I like hang out at pubs and watch people get drunk , lol even tho I don’t drink , I like to see how people gulp all that insane stuff but I go only for the music .. not a big foodie anyways .. the liquor makes fascinate me no end or maybe I will go haunt a coffee shop hahaha 🤪 I feel depressed too but I pull myself together sigh 😔 got to save ourselves am I rambling

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      3. Oh dear, I wondered if you might be a bit down…I’m sending up prayers to lift your spirit and heart. Going to bed now…Big Hugs ❤

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    1. Thank you, Brad. I feel honoured with the comparison, I try hard , I put my all into my poetry. And I so happy with your awesome appreciation.. gratitude 🙏🏼 from me always.

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  1. Don’t compromise your good values. You’re in the right to want freedom. However, in every movement, there should be a contemplation of whether it is beneficial. I think that’s what the poem is about. Am I right? You’re sojourning in “Capitulation”, and you’re being tempted to compromise some of your core beliefs.

    Everyone is like that right now. I think. Good poem. 🙂

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    1. Yes, you are right .. spot on.

      I would most certainly never compromise on what I hold true in my heart and conscience.
      I would definitely do it my way even if it may seem the hard way.
      Thank you for the heads up.

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      1. I did an analysis of it on my blog. I’m doing a series, which I intend to continue for a long time, of interpreting poetry here on the Website. I figure it’d be good to listen instead of always be writing so much.


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      2. You welcome.
        Yes, i do like to read too .. sometimes ignites thoughts , inspires ..
        I think writin is about letting it all out and it’s art so one need never be self conscious about what is so beautifully aesthetic.

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