Losing My North Star

Poetry finds me
Holding my grief....stained red
In the hush of loss...the blood that brought me to life
Silence that aches. ...deep
Candling the flame of time that  will not come back.
Like a bruise on my soul
A reddened firelight
In the inside of a teardrop
The unbroken breath of memories
That flow from an old photo album
Eyes fill up
Dissolving in the salt of quiet release.
In the solitude of being
I remember and hold
In the heaven colored stars that shine
Severing a bond
suffering a social distancing
Infinity and beyond
Press pause...fingers of wild loneliness fasten
For a heart stopping moment
Life decides to go away.

106 thoughts on “Losing My North Star

    1. Thank you, Carol. Sorry o haven’t been around much but I realize how truly your friendship just picks up from where we left off , seems forever but here you are with words of comfort no matter what .


  1. β€œI remember and hold the heaven colored stars that shine”. That line Yassy, to lose your Northern star but find all the poetic ones above and beyond makes you Star Searcher and a Finder. Memories and imagery lines in this poetic piece made this out of this world to read.πŸ’«

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    1. Thank you, thank you πŸ™πŸΌ my dear Wilde , my poet on WordPress. That’s the nicest thing I have read and you say the nicest poetic comment there is to hear. I am blessed. Thank you again.

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  2. Wowowow ❀️❀️Yas this truly beautiful…. Very heartfelt with such in-depth beauty and meaning. I am also lost in your words. This is tragically aching with grandeur ❀️❀️. Your amazing ❀️❀️😊😊🌹🌹

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      1. Your so welcome my dear ❀️ What you write is beyond this realm, and if gives us an insight to the beauty of your soul 😊 If you get time pls read my poem healing hearts ❀️

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  3. This reminds me of the time I was so sad that I wrote this tragic poem, putting all my heart into it. Well, it has so much feeling in it that I nearly saw the teardrops on the keyboard. Wonderfully written, keep it up!

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  4. Sounds like you’re having a hard time, dear heart–are you alright? Is it mainly the holidays, or Covid, or both? I just want to check in with you–my blogging is hit and miss until the holidays are over. You’re not obligated to read/comment/follow this blog of mine–but it should be less problematic than the last one (deleted now)…I know you expressed difficulties with it. I keep you in my heart and prayers, have NOT forgotten you–just a lot going on, so less blogging. Love you Muchly, Avia/Jael ❀

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  5. Beautiful Yassy….this plummeted all the way through me. So deeply felt….completely. Period. Perfectly worded. Sending so much Love Your way. Thank You for Your beautiful heart and the wide open way You gift. ❀️❀️❀️

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