The Aesthetics Of Sorrow

Maybe I can broker a deal with the angels..
Elegiac offering versed

rien n'est éternel

I promise to behave~
If the heavens ever
Decide to take me.

In the purple stillness,
I douse my fevered mind with bloodroot
And come back to myself
To breathe the haze of emerald hues.
I cry with my eyes
But without tears
That’s how broken heartstrings feel
Like the song inside the soul of a bird in winter ..
When a butterfly dreams of flowers
In an autumn wind
Filled with violins
Kind of blue—
The sound of jazz
vie est brève

For that brief moment
When the light went out
Of your eyes—
Even the day felt lonely.

146 thoughts on “The Aesthetics Of Sorrow

  1. WOW Yassy…..😍 BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️. A magical piece of beauty and sorrow. It has left a deep feeling. Amazing poem, loving it ❤️❤️😊😊🌹🌹

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  2. I like your style a lot. The inclusion of multiple languages, the control of form and the kind of diction. I actually did not give proper attention to the content of the poem until my second read because I was surprised by how much I appreciated your writing style. I was very caught off guard by it, it’s very unique yet feels similar to the poems of older eras. On a second reading I noticed that the content was also something to behold, very tragic. In some ways reminds me of how I feel when I read Poe’s poems lamenting the loss of his wife.

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    1. Life is only about loss. I like to give my readers sense of freedom that perception intuitively spills. I hate setting guidelines or boundaries. The human mind is a gold mine. Let it free. Imagination is a wonderful way of letting the aesthetic take over.

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    2. The inclusion of multiple languages

      This may be my favorite aspect of the poem – I’ve yet to attempt that myself… but you made it work so well, Yassy. I’m deeply impressed. Also:

      feels similar to the poems of older eras

      I agree with this sentiment too, but I couldn’t find the language to express it until I read Dionysius’ comment… but he’s spot on. You have an old soul, I think, Yassy.

      Also, in terms of the content, I’m still grieving over my father, whom I lost some two-and-a-half years ago… so you really hit a nerve in me. Thank you for this experience.

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      1. I like to mix haiku, senryu and prose . I am glad you could connect , Ben. What I write comes from the heart. If I can’t be true to my poetry , then I won’t be doing justice to the one passion in my life, that is poetry.

        Well, thank you , Ben. You are such a dear. Be safe.

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      1. You been coming up with some outstanding stuff yourself. After all you have been through , you never fail to amaze me.
        Thank you, Bruce. I have known you forever and that feels good. Good friends are for keeps.
        Have a safe weekend.

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  3. “I cry with my eyes, but without tears” what a beautiful line Yassy because that’s the emotion from the heart, that’s a sorrows cry. “I promise to behave if Heaven allows me inside”, you have verses that can bring a tear to the eye. Your heart and soul is beauty that is matched by your work dear, what a delight we are given when you post.🌹. Beautiful work of art Yassy.

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  4. Colorful sorrow well cried. Yet, when the butterfly blue lands on its jazz fiddle, moody autumn grace notes are too short to hold grief in the purple stillness until a winter improvisation finds a summer trumpet

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  5. Absolutely exquisite, Yassy! There lives a depth here among those who write and those who appreciate the written. Grateful that you stopped by Words Divinely Wrought so I could find my way to your door…

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  6. it is as if you write just for me dearest Yassy. I am sorry I have been so absent. I am busy not with things that I want but things that are dealt for me. I know not what to say other than I miss you. you are always in my thoughts, and prayers, always. If I am silent it is not due to lack of love for you, that is unfailing.

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    1. I am ready to hang up my boots, not in a good place right now. Struggling with a lot of stuff that I was not ready for. I know you are here for me that is why I make it a point to read and like even tho I am in not in that frame of mind to make mindless conversation. I hope you find the strength to deal with whatever that is happening in your life.. Love you baby sister .. sending you hugs and warm teary kisses.


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