Snow Spring

Glossed by snow
A glazed tapestry
Satin white
Snowdrops fold
Match-lit skies spill season's gleam
Frosted whispers float,

Nudged into
A snowy mural
Lyrebirds call
Chilled dew hums
Sledging lustrous ivory
In snowscape's bouquet.

Pearl palette
Of a silken hush
Zephyr quiet
Chill of night
In an azure solstice, Robin
Whistles sweet refrain.


Tasseled Dark

Unwrapping darkness' chemise
Fireflies wing on a starlight dream
Pirouetting amber on night's breeze
Unwrapping darkness' chemise
Tiny constellations trapeze
Waking the fire, stirring the moon
Unwrapping darkness' chemise
where soft opalescent breaths croon.