Mind Rapids

Mathematics was spared
When Einstein prepared
E= mc squared
In the light of the matter
We felt energy scatter
That's how physics declared.

Entanglement of time, space
A gravitational interlace
Theory of everything
The questions they bring
The phenomena of cyberspace.

65 thoughts on “Mind Rapids

  1. I am fascinated with the topic of entanglement and related topics, but the more I learn the more confused I get.🀣 I suppose that is why I did not become a science or math teacher! Your poem is creative and engaging … not confusing at all. 😊 I love the title too. πŸ‘πŸΌ

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  2. Here I am, sweetie–just followed you from new blog…please don’t feel any obligation to read/comment/like, as much of it will probably be faith-based (as in Christian). Much love to you, Avia Jael ❀

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      1. Enlightenment, command of the language and freedom of speech all play significant roles in establishing such control. All who appreciate your artistry, will instantly realize your effort has paid off.

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