Bunny With A Runny Nose

Bunny had a runny nose
So he took up a sunny pose
He sunbathed his platinum fur
And felt the heat within him stir
His breath steamed as the warmth in his body rose.

61 thoughts on “Bunny With A Runny Nose

      1. Very creepy comment. Especially in conjunction with the ones I’ve just received from a blogger who calls himself Everyday Joe. Around the same time.

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      2. Sorry sweetie. Relax. I have grown up knowing bunnies eat carrots and horses eat sugar cubes lol .. and bugs bunny always has a carrot πŸ₯• munching away so there ..
        oh , Joe , I got a comment from him too ., I don’t pay too much attention .,

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    1. Something very comforting about the bunny , I am thankful for all these things that give us joy.
      Thank you , Scrunch ..poetry just took on a new high because of appreciative readers like you.
      Can’t thank you enough. Have a safe weekend.

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      1. Yep, I had to give up backyard farming eons ago. They really loved the lettuce and green beans. Nowadays, they actually help me do my yard work by feasting on clover, dandelions and other weeds. Re these critters speaking to me, I’d have to conclude that, so far, the cat has got their tongues.

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      2. That’s a lot of help , Tom.
        You have a Garfield too lol on a bunny 🐰 tongue diet .. quite a colourful armoury of animal collectibles you have. I hope you get squirrels too .. I am just visualizing your backyard ..
        goodnight , I think. Looks like your burning the midnight oil tch tch , Tom.

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      3. I don’t own any cats, but the neighborhood cats do own my yard. Yep, you are visualizing correctly; a vast array of critters reside here; e.g. squirrels, chipmunks and woodchucks. Even deer occasionally drop by to visit.

        Enjoy your evening meal. As for moi, I’ll soon be preparing my breakfast.

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      4. They must like my air of pacifism. Got to first do a kitchen cleanup (last night’s dishes). But, b-fast oatmeal will soon follow. Nearly 9 a.m. now. If I wait too long it’ll become a brunch.

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed Limericks. They seem to delight just by their rhythm and rhyme scheme, but then when you add a whimsical subject, it really adds to the joy! Thanks for your shared humor. ❀

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