Stockinged diphthongs
Speculate on
Crimson scarlet 
Quilled daggers
That write
Mini bites
Of abstract intuition
Tried and tested
Rhymes that run on reason
And ideas that foreplay
Like a melody that is
Stuck in the head
Gothic grind
Fancy-woven fantasies
Virtuoso's dictionnaire 
Vanishing like a whisper
Of forgotten fragrances.

# Beat # Slam

60 thoughts on “risqué

  1. As a teacher of reading and writing, I am familiar with diphthongs, but “Stockinged diphthongs” – that is an entirely new concept. Bravo on your creativity! This is performance poetry with several memorable lines. 👏🏼

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    1. I love words, and I love the experience of experimenting with words. It’s for my reader’s sense of perception to decode as he/she chooses. Let the mind roam free , ⭐️💫

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  2. I’m seriously entertained and, best thing is, I’m left wondering, I’m still pondering what exactly is going on, along and in between the lines you’ve penned… that’s what poetry’s all about, isn’t it (I mean to say: to set the reader’s imagination afire).

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    1. Lol 😂 hahaha touché.. I can smell the smoke
      Sous le dôme épais
      Où le blanc jasmin
      À la rose s’assemble
      Sur la rive en fleurs,
      Riant au matin
      Viens, descendons ensemble.
      You remember writin this, Anna?
      For my poem ‘ Honeyed Distraction’ .. a beautifully poetic comment. Thank you 🙏🏼


    1. Slam is uninhibited..it’s difficult to lose boundaries or cut into the psyche of the demure self to simply let go , which is not always possible.
      But yes, I do like the way you can take the words.
      Thank you , John.

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  3. Your poetry always makes me read twice and sometimes trice to finally taste the depth where it’s coming from and i can’t help but feel amazed everytime~ Great work Yasmine~🙈💖

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