WordPress 2.0

WordPress 2.0
I break from
Virtual reality

# haiku # senryu

37 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0

      1. Aw gal…. I love this reply so much… first off your last statement is so very very kind, and uplifting to me… and secondly, I feel the same, nearly at the end of every session. That Ravenbloom poem was going to be my last one… then I see some notification I love and do some more reading and it’s great at first and then suddenly it’s not anymore. Rinse and repeat. But this interaction with you is a lovely treat. As is your poem. Much love… and maybe cheers, to future WP sobriety. We’ll see. ;)) ❤️🌿

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  1. Oh dear…are you really feeling like leaving blogging forever?? You must do what’s wise and healthy for YOU. I definitely advocate taking breaks…but I’ll miss you terribly if it’s forever. Love you MUCHLY💖

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