Too Much Of A Bad Thing

I write an antibacterial poem
On an antiseptic page
My pen metaphysical
A library of blue black ink
Fading into sepia of cornucopia
I hold my own hand
Fingers restless 
I clasp, unclasp slowly
In a forgotten time
The smell of sanitizer
Stretches the length of my breath
Mumble of masked words
Mouthed in a wail of release
Fertile eyes turn rubble
In the stillness of silence
Unsure of speech..

Corona is a loner, it would not die for me
But it has put the world on hold
On bated breath that fails to rise
An ancient disease brought into a new-age
Sitting on chests of men , with a violence bringing oblivion of death  
Science has kept us  waiting while the world is on a death-wish.....

90 thoughts on “Too Much Of A Bad Thing

    1. The earliest reports of an illness caused by a coronavirus occurred in the late 1920s, when an acute respiratory infection of domesticated chickens emerged in North America.[16]1 Arthur Schalk and M.C. Hawn in 1931 made the first detailed report which described a new respiratory infection of chickens in North Dakota. The infection of new-born chicks was characterized by gasping and listlessness with high mortality rates of 40–90%.[17] Leland David Bushnell and Carl Alfred Brandly isolated the virus in 1933.[18] The virus was then known as infectious bronchitis virus (IBV).

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  1. WOW WOW WOW, Yassy! I was thinking about you, wondering if you were busy working…or if something was wrong. This poem of yours is INCREDIBLE, beyond GOOD!!!! You’ve said it all–all the things I’ve been feeling–in such a pointed yet elegant style…wow wow wow ❀

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      1. Oh good, I sometimes don’t know how to read your comments/mood πŸ™‚ And rain can be so wonderful–we were relieved to get showers, because the wildfires created so much smoke in the air that many of us could not go out, including myself. Blessings to you ❀

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      2. Sorry , A. Maybe I just skirt the issue, playing around with words to feel better, maybe ..
        Yes, rain is good.. it is a coolant for the atmosphere.. I read about the wildfires and freaked out.
        Stay put till the air clears. We don’t to damage our lungs.

        Stay healthy πŸ€—, Rhen..that’s all that matters.


      3. Okay, so now I think I’m picking up on the “playing around with words to feel better, maybe”. Are you feeling stressed, depressed? If so, you’re in a huge company–I’ve been battling it for weeks, but feel better at the moment. Writing does help, and faith. And yes, the air is clear now–so I was able to go out and get groceries πŸ™‚ Take good care of YOU, you’re important to me ❀

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      1. You’re welcome, Yassy. Oh yeah….it is resolved….after over 2 months of back / forth communication, sleepless nights, I shutdown….opened a fresh site –….piece of cake….it was quite a heavy one πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

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  2. This really resonates with me, Yassy. In the beginning, the lockdown wasn’t that bad but now that some restrictions are lifted, and I can see the impact with failed businesses evident everywhere and loss of employment for millions of people, it feels horrendous.

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    1. Thank you, Scrunch.
      It’s this pneumonia thing that hit me as I wrote ..this virus attacks the respiratory..sad if people die..
      Am going to google Henry Fuseli .. thank you 😊

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