Magnolia Reveries

Alphabets become jeweled figurines
Like studded stars drip-dropping
Sparkling confetti on a magnolia vignette…
I sit in quiet solitude breathing in the solace of sepia memories…crocheting a borealis in my solstice day
Syllables of Monet hues flame
A potpourri of poesies
Galaxy’s champagne
Serenades my rosette fire
Kaleidoscopic eloquence
Needling a mantle of chrome waltzes
A phonographic euphoria
Etching a musky interlude
Of shared tears
Radiating scarlet of an Amaryllis quill…

99 thoughts on “Magnolia Reveries

  1. Wow, wow, wow. I’m in awe yet again, Yassy. You are a true poetess! The imagery you craft around through your words is marvelous and mystifying. It’s just a magical space of words, one that I don’t want to leave at all; it’s almost an enlightening through mind and imagination. What a gift you have. It’s amazing.

    I love this piece greatly, and it’s so beautifully written with brilliant phrasing.

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    1. Dreaming gives me wings and flowers and maybe if I may say so a bit of enlightenment..
      thank you , Lucy. Your appreciation is like a balm that soothes my spirit and soul. And in the process fires my imagination to inspiration.

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  2. Another exceptional composition, Yasmin! Beautiful, evocative, and transcendent! I especially love the phrase “Syllables of Monet hues flame”. You are a gifted poet and so generous in sharing your lovely vision of the world! Much love to you, my friend!

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    1. Poetry is euphoric..and it takes in its embrace all that is beautifully good to the mind and soul ..
      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts , Michele. I appreciate 🤗


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